What Shipping Options Can I Use in Sitebeat

There are various Shipping Options in Sitebeat, which you can easily set up for your Online Store to ensure that your customers know how they’re getting what they paid for.

Below is a list of shipping options available for your Store in Sitebeat:

  • Local Delivery — If you prefer to deliver your products yourself, or you'd like to use a local delivery service for nearby areas, you can add this option to your Store.
  • Select a Carrier — Choose a shipping carrier from our growing list of partners to quickly set them up on your Store.
  • Add a Carrier — If you can't find the carrier you want from the list, you can easily set it up manually so the option can still be available for your customers.
  • In-Store Pickup — Some customers, especially those close by, prefer to pick up orders themselves. Set up this option and specify how and when customers can visit your store location to pick up their orders.

You can choose to configure it with Free Shipping, Flat Rate, or Custom Rates in setting up Shipping Options, excluding the In-Store Pickup option.

If you've already included the shipping charges in your products' prices, configure the shipping options with Free Shipping to encourage customers to complete their orders. Otherwise, you can set up a Flat Rate for all orders or create your own cost calculation rules for shipping by adding Custom Rates.

Learn how to set up Shipping Options to get started.

Note: The Store option is only available for the Sitebeat eCommerce plan and will not appear on all other Sitebeat plans. If you want to set up an online store with complete SSL protection, you will need to upgrade your current Sitebeat plan or purchase a new Sitebeat eCommerce plan.

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