Getting Started With Sitebeat Blog

What is Sitebeat's Blog Feature

The Sitebeat Blog is a simple online publishing tool offering users a familiar and easy-to-use interface designed for an efficient user experience.

Our robust Blog functionality enables content creators to add and edit posts, tag and categorise posts, enable comments, push posts to social media, publish live, and more.

Sitebeat's Blog option is perfect for connecting with followers and expanding your audience.

Note: The Blog option is only available for paid Sitebeat plans and is not accessible on Sitebeat Free. To maximise all the features of your Sitebeat website, including the Blog feature, we highly encourage you to upgrade your Sitebeat Free plan.

Blogging with Sitebeat

Sitebeat Blog has two parts: Blog Sidebar and Blog Page Settings.

  • Blog Sidebar: This is where posts can be added, edited, unpublished, or deleted.
  • Blog Page Settings: This section is where you can customise the appearance of the blog page.

    Under this is the Post View settings bar. Blog posts are sub-pages of a blog page. Each blog post has its page and dedicated URL. You can add as many blog posts to a blog page as you'd like. Post View settings allow you to customise the appearance of each blog post.

Take the first step to start your very own blog page on your Sitebeat website. Enable Sitebeat blog now.

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