How to Purchase a Sitebeat Plan

Choosing the right Plan is your first step in creating an effective website. You must ensure that it has all the features you need and is appropriate to achieve your targeted goal. Confused with which plan to purchase? Don’t fret, Sitebeat has got you covered.

Purchase a Sitebeat Plan that’s best for you to create epic websites and online shops instantly, using the following steps:

  1. Visit the Sitebeat Homepage.
  2. Click Plans & Pricing at the top of the page.
  3. On the Plans & Pricing page, click the Select button corresponding to your chosen plan.
  4. Connect a Domain Name to your website by clicking on either of these two options:

    • Claim Free Domain — Enter your desired domain name, make sure that it’s not taken yet, and then click Select.
    • Use Existing Domain — Enter a registered domain name that you own, and then click on the Connect Domain button.

      Important: If you select Claim Free Domain, you can still connect Sitebeat to a different domain name later, by contacting us. If you select Use Existing Domain, you will no longer be able to claim the free domain that is included in your Sitebeat plan once the payment has been made.

  5. Review your cart. Click the [v] Arrow Icon beside the default period set, and then select the number of years you would like to register your plan for.
  6. Click the Pay Securely button to continue your purchase.
  7. You will then be directed to the Registration page. Sign up for an account by entering the information required.
  8. Tick the boxes below Signup Terms and Conditions and Contact Permission, and then click Register & Continue.
  9. Update your account information and supply the missing details, and then tick the User Type option that applies to you.
  10. Click Continue Order.
  11. Review your order for the last time. You can click the Edit Order button to make changes if you need to.
  12. Select your preferred payment option, and then enter your payment information.
  13. Once you have read the Standard Policies & Agreements for your Sitebeat plan, tick the Terms of Use & Privacy Policy box.
  14. Click Pay & Activate to pay for and activate your selected plan.

You’ve just purchased a new Sitebeat Plan. Learn how to start using your website through our Sitebeat Supreme Guide or contact our 24/7 Sitebeat Support.

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