How to Upgrade Your Sitebeat Free Plan

Sitebeat Free Forever

Sitebeat Free is Sitebeat's free version, which lets you create a website for free and publish it live on a free subdomain. For more details, you may read further about the Sitebeat Free plan.

Note: The Sitebeat Free plan comes with 100MB of website files storage and a maximum of three pages only.

Enjoy unlimited pages and bandwidth - and publish your website to your own domain name - when you upgrade your Free Account to any Sitebeat plan.

Learn more about our available plans.

Upgrade the Sitebeat Free Plan

Follow the instructions below to upgrade from the Sitebeat Free plan to any plan you want:

  1. Log In to access the Sitebeat dashboard.
  2. Click Get Full Access at the top-right section of the dashboard.
  3. Click on a preferred Sitebeat plan period.
  4. Click the Select button corresponding to the plan that you want.

    Note: If you've also signed up for the 15-day Sitebeat eCommerce free trial via your Sitebeat Free Account and you want to continue using your Store, ensure that you upgrade to the Sitebeat eCommerce or SitebeatPro eCommerce plan.

  5. Click Claim Free Domain to register a new domain name for free or click Use Existing Domain to connect Sitebeat to one that you already own.

    Important: If you select Claim Free Domain, you can still connect Sitebeat to a different domain name later, by contacting us. If you select Use Existing Domain, you will no longer be able to claim the free domain that is included in your Sitebeat plan once the payment has been made.

  6. Enter the new domain name that you wish to register for free and click Select.
    Or, enter the domain name that you already own and click Connect Domain.
  7. Review your Cart. Click the [v] Arrow Icon beside 1 year, or the period you selected earlier, to change it.
  8. Click the Pay Securely button to pay for and activate your Sitebeat plan upgrade.

You've just upgraded to the Sitebeat plan of your choice. If you need help building your website, read the Sitebeat Supreme Guide or contact our 24/7 Sitebeat Support.

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