Can I Have Someone Create My Website for Me

Sitebeat generally refers to the template-based platform used for building a website. With our You Build plans, you can get in touch with your creative side by building your website — without the need for coding knowledge.

But if you’d rather have our Sitebeat experts build a website for you, you can choose between the two We Build plans that we offer.

Introducing SitebeatPRO

Our We Build plans cater to Sitebeat users who want professionals to build their website for them. These designers are collectively known as our SitebeatPRO team.

You can choose between the SitebeatPRO Website and SitebeatPRO eCommerce plans to get started.

  • SitebeatPRO Website
    Our SitebeatPRO team will design your website based on your specific preferences. Your Sitebeat expert will call you over the phone to discuss how you want your Sitebeat website to appear and function. Then, our SitebeatPRO team will do their magic and bring your vision to life.
  • SitebeatPRO eCommerce
    If you want to operate an eCommerce website, SitebeatPRO eCommerce is the plan for you. Our SitebeatPRO team will build your website and online store based on how you want them.

With the We Build plans, you get expert support for your website copy, design, and content changes — 24/7. You own your website, and we simply manage it. You will still have full access to your site, giving you the freedom to make changes yourself, anytime.

How to Choose a We Build Plan

If you want to let us build your Sitebeat website for you, you will need to upgrade your Sitebeat Free plan. You can refer to this guide below:

Visit the Sitebeat Supreme Guide for more guides.

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