Can I Keep a Backup of My Sitebeat Site

Sitebeat is a website builder that allows anyone to create their website without the need for coding knowledge. You need to drag and drop Features and Blocks to make changes to your website.

As a template-based website builder that is built and coded specifically to work in our servers, a backup cannot be provided.

We store a full backup of your website every time it’s published on our server — so you won’t need to keep one for yourself. Should anything go wrong while you’re editing your website, we can restore it to a previous version upon your request.

However, we can only restore it to the server. This means that the restored version can be viewed live on your domain but won’t be restored to the Sitebeat Editor.

Should you want to make changes to your restored website, you will have to replicate that version manually.

Note: For concerns about your Sitebeat website, contact our 24/7 customer support.

How to Undo and Redo an Action

Every action you make to your project is automatically saved on our server if you have a stable internet connection. This allows you to undo or redo an action, as needed instantly.

Learn how to Undo and Redo an action through this guide:

Learn more on how to navigate through the Sitebeat Editor.

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