Sitebeat Supreme Guide

Once you've purchased a Sitebeat plan or registered for a Sitebeat Free account, you'll immediately have access to all the tools that's going to empower you to build the Website or Store that you've always wanted. It's so easy! And, to make it even easier, we've prepared all the step-by-step tutorials you could possibly need in our Sitebeat Support page. Just type your question or enter keywords in the Search Box to find the answers you need.

Don't worry! If you don't know what questions to ask, yet. This Sitebeat Supreme Guide will be your one-stop course to getting your Website or Store up and running.

Table of Contents

  1. What Is Sitebeat
  2. Start with the Basics
  3. Build Your Website
  4. Build Your Online Store
  5. Publish Your New Site

What Is Sitebeat

Start with the Basics

Build Your Website

Building your website with Sitebeat lets you use Features and Blocks to easily add-in different types of content. Learn how to customise each Feature by visiting the tutorials below:

Basic Features
Layout Features
Social Media Features
Advanced Feature

You can also add links to your Features, add in your Logo, and do so much more with your website. Follow the tutorials below to help you achieve the website you imagine:

Of course, Sitebeat also lets you connect to different Marketing Tools to help you build your brand and launch your website. Visit the detailed tutorials below to know how:

Build Your Online Store

To build an Online Store with Sitebeat, you will need to upgrade to the Sitebeat eCommerce plan. Once your new plan has been activated, you can proceed with these tutorials to start getting your store online:

Create Product Categories and add your Products, then set up your Payment and Shipping options using the following tutorials:

Integrate your Online Store with different Sales Channels with the following tutorials:

Then, easily Track Orders using Sitebeat and set up Discounts for loyal customers or bulk orders:

Once you've added a Store to your Sitebeat website, two more Features become available for you. Use these Features to highlight products within different website pages, or add an easy-to-browse catalog. In this way, you can easily turn website visitors into customers.

Publish Your New Site

You can publish your site to a free subdomain, or to the free domain name linked to your Sitebeat plan. Learn more about this in the link below:

Preview and publish your site, quick and easy, with Sitebeat. Simply follow the link below to know how:

More Tutorials

There are many more tutorials available for you right here. Simply visit Sitebeat Support and enter a keyword or question in the Search Box at the top of the page to explore. Meanwhile, here are some more guides worth reading:

You can also check out our YouTube channel How-To Playlist below for video guides:

For any other concerns, or if you have a question that we haven't answered yet at Sitebeat Support, do contact us any time.

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