Can I Remove the Sitebeat Banner From My Free Site

Sitebeat Free allows you to create your website and publish it to your own free subdomain. Enjoy the same key features as you would with any of our paid plans for free, forever.

What Is a Sitebeat Banner

The Sitebeat Banner informs your visitors that Sitebeat powers your website.

All Sitebeat Free websites include a Sitebeat Banner, found at the top section of your website. This banner is displayed every time visitors access your Sitebeat Free website through their browsers. However, it won’t cover up the most important bits nor affect your website’s performance.

Can I Remove the Sitebeat Banner

If you wish to remove the Sitebeat Banner, you will need to upgrade your free account or purchase any Sitebeat plan . Otherwise, it will remain to be a part of your website.

If you need help choosing a Sitebeat plan, read the guide below for more details:

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