How to Customise a Sitebeat Template

After you've selected a Template for your website, you can customise it's Theme so it matches your personality if you're setting up a blog, or your brand if you’re bringing your business online.

Although each Feature you add to your website can be customised individually as you build your website, you can save time and effort by customising your Sitebeat Template's Theme, first. So that, for example, adding Text Features will automatically use your preferred Font Type, Style, and Colour, instead of your default Theme's settings. This means that you don't have to apply the same settings everytime you add the same Feature.

Note: Each Feature you add to your website is still fully customisable by accessing its individual editing options.

Here are the steps you'll need to customise your Sitebeat Template:

  1. Log In to access the Sitebeat Dashboard.
  2. Click the Edit Site link on the project card or website that you wish to work with under My Sites.

    Or, if you haven’t started one yet, click the Create Your First Site option under My Sites. Then, browse through the Templates Library, click on a Template to preview it, and click the Create This Site button on its top-right corner to use it.
  3. Click Theme from the left-side menu on your Sitebeat Editor, then click on the following elements to customise them:
    Colors Customise the Colors to use for your Template using any of the three options:

    • Select a preset group of Color Themes from the drop-down list.
    • Manually set the Colors you prefer to use for the following:
      Primary The main theme color.
      Secondary The second theme color used for contrast.
      Text The default text color.
      Light Text The alternative text color used for darker backgrounds.
      Complementary The color used as an accent for special elements.
    • Click the Color Wizard to upload your logo, or any photo, whose Colors you'd like to use for your website's Theme. Drag the five color-selector dots around the image to pick the Colors you want to use, then click the Take Colors button. Drag and drop the Defined Colors to replace the Primary, Secondary, Text, Light Text, or Complementary colors of your theme, then click Save when done.
    Fonts Customise the Font Type and Style of your Template's Heading and Body Text using these steps:

    • Font Type - Click on the current Font Type's drop-down and select a new one from the list.
    • Font Style - Click Style and select a preferred Font Style from the drop-down list.

    You can also Use One Font Only for both Heading and Text by enabling this option.
    Headings Customise your Template's Banner Text, Main Heading, Heading, Small Heading, Subheading, and Text using these options:

    • Font Size & Line Spacing - Drag their corresponding bars to adjust.
    • Text Style - Click on the current style to view and select from the list.
    • Text Format - This is set to Default. Click on it to view and select from the list.
    Links Customise the style for displaying Text Links on your website with the following steps:

    1. Select a Link Style from the drop-down list.
      This is how the Text Link reacts once the mouse pointer is hovered over it.

      Note: To preview the action for the Style selected, hover your mouse pointer over the sample Text Link in the preview panel on the left-side.

    2. Click on the respective text emphasis icons (bold, italics, underline etc.) to further customise the appearance of your Text Links.
    Buttons Customise your Button's appearance by clicking on the corresponding icons under each style: Primary Solid, Secondary Solid, Primary Outline, and Secondary Outline.

    Clicking on the Gear Icon under each style will allow you to change the shape of the Button.

    Note: To use any of these styles, click on a Button on your website, then click the Gear Icon. Or, if the Button is within your Menu Block, hover your mouse pointer over it and click Edit. The Button style options will appear under Type.

    Quotes Customise the Style to use for displaying Quotes on your website by selecting a preferred style option from the drop-down lists, then personalise its Design using the respective text emphasis icons (bold, italics, underline etc.).

    This applies for both Primary and Secondary Quotes.

You just customised the Sitebeat Template. Any updates or changes made to your projects are automatically saved by the system to the server - as soon as they are made - for as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.

Note: Click the Reset link at the top of the left-side menu within each element mentioned above, to revert to the Template's Default Settings.

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