How to Navigate Through the Sitebeat Editor

Sitebeat is an easy-to-use website builder platform. Its drag-and-drop function allows you to build a professional-looking website without any help of a Website Developer or have any background knowledge in codes and scripts.

Once you've purchased a Sitebeat plan, you’ll be able to access the Sitebeat Dashboard, where all your website projects can be managed. From the dashboard, you will need to access the Sitebeat Editor for a specific project to begin or continue building it.

Accessing the Sitebeat Editor

You can access the Sitebeat Editor using the following steps:

  1. Log In to access the Sitebeat dashboard.
  2. In the My Sites sectiono, click the EDIT SITE on the website that you wish to manage.

    Note: If you haven’t started one yet, click the SELECT TEMPLATE option under My Sites. Browse through the Templates screen, click on a template to preview it, and then click the CREATE THIS SITE button in the upper-right corner to use it.

You will then be routed to the Sitebeat Editor. Continue reading this article to learn all the controls and functions available for you within the Sitebeat Editor.

Navigating through Sitebeat Editor

Your Sitebeat Editor will automatically open the website that corresponds with the template you selected. Here you’ll be able to add your content and customise the template to transform it into the website that matches your brand.

Navigate through all your editor's controls to get a grasp of all the things that you can do with your website. Below is a description of each control, grouped according to their position on your Sitebeat Editor:

Top-Left Controls

Account Manager Symbol Click the symbol to return to your Sitebeat Dashboard and select a different project to work with or create a new project.
Undo and Redo Symbols Click the symbol that corresponds to an undo or redo action.

Left Controls

BUILD Click the symbol to open your library of features, and then click the BLOCKS tab to open your library of blocks, which are items and sections of a website page that you can drag and drop to expand your content.
PAGES Click the symbol to view a list of your website pages, manage them, and add new ones.
BLOG Click the symbol to view, add, and manage all your blog posts and tags.
STORE Click the symbol to manage your store's products, discounts, orders and other settings, including the payment channels and shipping options to show on your site.

Note: The Store option is only available for the Sitebeat eCommerce plan and will not appear on all other Sitebeat plans. If you want to set up an online store with complete SSL protection to upgrade your current Sitebeat plan or purchase a new Sitebeat eCommerce plan.

THEME Click the symbol to customise your template's colors, fonts, and more, so it matches your brand and personality.
SETTINGS Click the symbol to access the following options:

  • General — Customise your Favicon or browser icon, Image Optimisation, and Back-To-Top button settings.
  • Google Services — Access the different Google Services that you can use for your website.
  • Social — View your connected social media accounts used on the site.
  • Blog — Add blog to your website and start posting.
  • Advanced — Customise your website's 404 Error Page or delete your Site and Store.

Top-Center Controls

Editor Modes Click the symbol that corresponds to the applicable view that you want to switch. You can choose Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, or Phone view.

This will let you build your website in the view that you choose, while still having full access to the editing options.

Note: If the browser you're using for the Sitebeat Editor is not in full screen, the Desktop/Laptop view will not be available.

Top-Right Controls

PREVIEW Click PREVIEW to view your website.

You will also be able to switch between different Preview modes — Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, and Phone — however, editing options will be limited.

Note: If the browser you're using for the Sitebeat Preview is not in full screen, the Desktop/Laptop mode will not be available.

PUBLISH Click PUBLISH to publish your website live and make it accessible to anyone using your domain name or subdomain.

Note: When you update or make changes to your projects, it is auomatically saved by the system to the server as long as you are connected to a stable internet connection.

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