Sitebeat vs SitebeatPro

Sitebeat refers to the template-based platform used for building a website and refers to all the plans we offer. In contrast, SitebeatPro refers to our team of Sitebeat experts and designers, who offers services in the SitebeatPro plans.

Decide on which plan to get by answering these two questions:

Would you like to build the website yourself?

You Build It plans are available for you if you want to touch your creative side. Now, you choose between Sitebeat Website or Sitebeat eCommerce.

  • Sitebeat Website
    This plan lets you build your website with no coding knowledge required. Select from hundreds of professionally designed templates to help you jumpstart your site. Then fully customise it using the simple drag-and-drop editor to bring your brand to life.
  • Sitebeat eCommerce
    Build your site and your shop, manage your orders, pricing, shipping, and more all in one place. This gives you the easiest platform to get your store online and reach customers from all over the globe.

Would you like us to build the website for you?

We Build It plans are available if you want our SitebeatPro team to design your website for you. You can also choose between the SitebeatPro Website and SitebeatPro eCommerce plans.

With the SitebeatPro plans, you get a personal Sitebeat expert to call you over the phone to design and launch your website or online store. You also get expert support for your website copy, design, and content changes 24/7. If you’re inspired to make some changes yourself, you have full access, and you can easily do so anytime.

Sitebeat Free Forever

The Sitebeat Free plan let's you create your website for free and publish it live on a free subdomain. Sign up for a free account to get started.

Note: The Sitebeat Free plan comes with 100MB of website file storage and a maximum of three pages only.

Enjoy unlimited pages and bandwidth, and then publish your website to your domain name when you upgrade your free account or purchase any Sitebeat plan.

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