What Are Social Media Features

A great way to attract more visitors is to connect your website to various Social Media accounts. You can also provide ways for viewers to interact with your site and quickly follow you or share your content.

Sitebeat makes this possible with the different Social Media Features that you can drag and drop to your website. Below are the following Social Features that you can add to your site in Sitebeat:

  • Social Buttons - Add one-click links to your social media accounts for viewers to easily connect with you.
  • Sharing Buttons - Add buttons for viewers to automatically share your website content with other various media.
  • Instagram - Add a snippet of your Instagram feed on your website to show your latest posts.
  • Facebook Like - Add a Facebook Like icon linked to a Facebook page or URL for viewers to react to it.
  • Facebook Page - Add a snippet of your Facebook page feed on your website to show your latest timeline posts, messages, or events.
  • Facebook Comments - Add a Facebook comments widget on your website to promote customer interaction.
  • Twitter Post - Add a specific Twitter post to show on your website.
  • Twitter List - Add a snippet of your Twitter feed on your website to show your latest tweets.

To add these features to your site, click BUILD from the left-side menu of your Sitebeat Editor. Click SOCIAL, and then drag and drop the Social Media Feature onto a placeholder on your website page. Hover your mouse pointer over it, and then click EDIT to access its settings and design options.

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