How to Sign up for Sitebeat eCommerce Free Trial

If you plan to set up an online store but are not ready to upgrade to the Sitebeat eCommerce platform, that is understandable. You can try it out for 15 days, then upgrade later.

The Sitebeat eCommerce Free Trial is an option available to those with a Sitebeat Free Account. This means that you will need to sign up for a Sitebeat free account first, then activate your eCommerce 15-day free trial after.

Sign up for Sitebeat Free

The Sitebeat Free plan is Sitebeat's free version, which lets you create a website for free and publish it live on a free subdomain. As long as it's active, it never expires. Learn more about the Sitebeat Free plan for further details.

To sign up for a free account, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Sitebeat home page.
  2. In the upper-right section of the window, click Sign up free.
  3. On the Plan & Pricing screen, click the SELECT button that corresponds to the FREE plan.
  4. Now, enter the necessary details on the Registration screen.
  5. Review the Privacy Policy, and then tick the box that corresponds it if you agree. Click the Contact Permission box, and then click REGISTER & CONTINUE.
  6. When the welcome prompt appears, click LET'S DO THIS to get started.
  7. Now, you can view three questions that will help us personalise your experience. Select the answer that applies, and then click NEXT.

    Note: In the upper-right corner of the window, click Skip to disregard the questions.

  8. Click FINISH after the last question.

You can now view the Templates screen and create your website.

Activate eCommerce Trial

Follow the steps below to get an eCommerce free trial for 15 days:

  1. In the Overview section of My Sites, click ACTIVATE, which corresponds to eCommerce.
  2. When the successful activation for the eCommerce trial message appears, you can either click TRY IT NOW or click RETURN TO DASHBOARD.
  3. Note: After 15 days, you will no longer have access to the eCommerce free trial, but your online store will still be in the system for the next seven days. If you can upgrade within this period, you can continue developing the store you started during the free trial by contacting Sitebeat Support.

    Otherwise, your files are deleted automatically from the system after the seven-day extension. You can purchase the Sitebeat eCommerce plan and create your online store anytime.

If you need help to buil your website, read the Sitebeat Supreme Guide or contact our 24/7 Sitebeat Support.

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