Getting Started with Sitebeat
Design Trends for the Modern Website
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If you're looking for some design inspiration, these top trends will help you build a website that appeals to your target audience
What Are DNS Records
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DNS Records associate a domain with syntax like an IP address so the system knows what website to serve and where to serve it.
What Factors Affect Search Engine Rankings
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Google ranks web pages based on multiple factors. This algorithm helps the search engine to determine a page's SEO ranking.
What Is Sitebeat
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Sitebeat is a website builder platform that allows you to create powerful websites using templates & easy drag-and-drop functions.
How to Boost SEO for Your Website
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The first step to getting found online is understanding SEO and the factors affecting it then learn how you can boost your SEO.
What Is SEO
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SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is the process of optimising online content so search engines display it on search results.
Why Choose Sitebeat
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Make sure you’re getting the best tools when choosing a website builder. In this article, know why Sitebeat is your best option.
What's in a Sitebeat Free Plan
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Sitebeat Free empowers you to build your website and get it online for free, without any expiry date to worry about.
How to Do Keyword Research
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Website owners and digital marketers can do keyword research themselves. This guide will help you get started.
How to Sign up for Sitebeat Free
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Using this step-by-step guide, sign up for the free version of Sitebeat without worrying — at all — about losing your website.
What Are Layout Features
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Layout Features include Space, Panel, and Divider, which can help you further customise and organise your website content.
Which File Types Are Supported in Sitebeat
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Sitebeat supports multiple file types, allowing you to integrate all kinds of media and text content into your website.
How to Sign up for Sitebeat eCommerce Free Trial
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If you're using Sitebeat Free, you also have the option to try the Sitebeat eCommerce platform free for 15 days. Learn more here.
What Is a Page Meta Title & Description
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Page Meta Title and Description provide brief information to search engines and users on what the web page is all about.
How to Use Keywords in Sitebeat
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You can use keywords to optimise your Sitebeat website. This guide will teach you where and how to use them in your web content.
Getting Started with Sitebeat