What Is a Site Page

A site page, also known as a website page or web page, is a document within a website that can be accessed through a web browser. It can contain different types of content — such as text, photos, and hyperlinks — that may be useful to online visitors.

Just like a book has pages, a website may also contain hundreds of web pages. Web pages make your online content more structured and easily accessible for the general public.

This specific guide is a page from the Sitebeat website and is, an example of a site page.

How to Use Website Pages

Website owners use web pages to organise their online content. There are many ways that you can use website pages to your advantage.

For example, eCommerce sites can add a web page that displays their online store. Creative businesses can promote each of their services on separate web pages. Freelancers can add a page on their website that shows their online portfolio, and so on.

Sitebeat allows you to add and edit multiple pages to your site. For users with paid Sitebeat plans, you are free to add unlimited pages to your website. For Sitebeat Free users, you can only add up to three website pages.

How to Manage Site Pages with Sitebeat

Sitebeat makes adding, creating, and managing website pages quick and easy through the Sitebeat Editor. Learn how you can get started through these guides:

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