What is Google Site Verification

What is Google Site Verification?

Google Site Verification is a tool that lets you prove your website ownership or a confirmation that you own your website. With this, you can gain access to your site's private Google Search data and decide how Google Search indexes your content.

Before you can do the abovementioned functions, you’ll need to be verified first to use Google Search Console. This free service helps you monitor and maintain your website's position in Google Search results.

Once you've added your Sitebeat website's URL in your Google Search Console, you only need to select the HTML Tag verification method and use the provided Meta Tag to connect it with Sitebeat quickly.

How Do I Get My Website Verified?

To verify your website, you’ll need to get a Google Site Verification Code or Verification Key and connect it to your Sitebeat website — which in our case is a Meta Tag.

How to Get My Google Site Verification Code?

As mentioned above, the Google Site Verification Code that you need to connect to your Sitebeat website is a Meta Tag. If you don't have one yet, Google automatically creates one for you when you add your URL as a property in the Google Search Console.

Follow the steps below to create or access your Google Site Verification Code:

  1. Visit the Google Search Console.
  2. Click on the Start now button.
  3. Log in with your Google Account username and password or Sign Up for a Google Account first if you don't have one.
    You will be routed to the Google Search Console welcome page.
  4. Enter your website link or URL in the field under URL prefix, e.g., "", and then click Continue.
    If you've previously added the URL as a property, you can also click the Already started? Finish verification link below the Continue buttons.
  5. A Verify ownership pop-up box will appear with instructions for different verification methods.
  6. Under Other verification methods, click HTML tag and copy the complete Meta Tag provided.

You’ve just created and accessed your Google Site Verification Code. To link your Sitebeat website to Google Site Verification, refer to this guide:

To stay verified, do not disconnect the code even after the verification process is completed.

Note: If you need further assistance on the Google Search Console or creating an account with Google, please contact the Google Support Team. Otherwise, for any queries regarding Sitebeat contact our 24/7 support.

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