What Are Sitebeat Marketing Tools

When you create and maintain your website, it is already a Marketing Tool. With your professional-looking website, you can build your brand and efficiently launch your products. You can also connect with your customers and maintain that connection as well.

However, you can back up your website with a web of other Marketing Tools that will help further your business's success online.

While there are many tools out there, you don't need to use all of them. The Sitebeat website builder platform is designed to make it easy for you to link your website to the most widely used and most effective third-party Marketing Tools. Use these tools to reach your online business marketing goals in no time:

  • Google Analytics — A digital analytics tool that helps you better understand your customers' experience.
  • Google Tag Manager — A tag management tool that allows you to launch your programs faster.
  • Google Site Verification — This tool lets you prove your website ownership to gain access to the site's private Google Search data.
  • Pinterest Button — A tool that gives your viewers the power of discovery and inspiration, which allows them to pin your website to their albums or collections.

You just learned all about the Marketing Tools in Sitebeat. You can also learn all about the Social Media Features that you can easily integrate into your Sitebeat website.

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