Managing Your Account
How to Update Your DNS Settings
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Access the Sitebeat's Domain Management page to have full control over your DNS records. Follow this guide to know how.
How to Obtain Your Registry Key
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The Registry Key for your Domain Name is also called Domain Password or UDAI Key. Read this article to know how to obtain it.
How to View Your Account Details
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View your Account Details like Status, Plan, and Expiry Date in the Account Overview section of your Sitebeat Dashboard.
How to Change Your Login Details
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Update your Login Details to keep your website, domain, and credit card information safe at all times using this guide.
How to Stop Receiving Calls & Emails from Us
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You can turn notifications on and off in Sitebeat, depending on your preference. Use this guide to know how.
How to Verify My Account Email
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Verify your Sitebeat Free Account so we know that you are human and provide you with seamless Sitebeat services.
How to Change My Sitebeat Free Subdomain
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You can change your free subdomain anytime through your Sitebeat dashboard.
How to View & Download Invoices
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Know how to view & download your Invoices individually in the Billing History section of your Sitebeat Dashboard using this guide.
How to Purchase a Sitebeat Plan
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Know all of the Sitebeat plans and choose which one best suits your needs. Read this article to know more.
How to Use and Manage Your Sitebeat Domain
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Sitebeat Domain is the Domain Name you connected to Sitebeat upon purchase. Learn how to use the Sitebeat Domain with this guide.
How to Set up Sitebeat Auto Renewal
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You can set up Auto Renewal, which is a feature available for all Sitebeat Plans, via your Sitebeat Dashboard using this guide.
How to Access Sitebeat
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Learn how to access Sitebeat to manage your account, website, and online store - using this quick guide.
How to Upgrade to Sitebeat eCommerce
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Set up an Online Store for your website by upgrading your current plan to an eCommerce Plan. Know how using this guide.
How to Renew My Sitebeat Plan
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You can renew your Sitebeat plan by accessing the Account Overview section in your Sitebeat Dashboard.
What Happens If I Don't Renew
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If no manual renewal is done on or before the expiry date, your Sitebeat Website Builder goes into a 30-day renewal grace period.
Managing Your Account