How to Add a Browser Icon

Adding a Browser Icon makes it easy for visitors to recognise and find your site, among all their open browser tabs or bookmarks list.

What is a Browser Icon

A Browser Icon, also known as Favicon or Brand Icon, is a small image that's displayed next to the page title in browser tabs, and is also the display Icon when visitors bookmark a site.

All Sitebeat-generated websites have the Sitebeat Logo as their default Browser Icon. Customise this by replacing the default Sitebeat Logo with a unique Browser Icon that perfectly matches your brand.

Adding a Browser Icon

Use the simple steps below to add a Browser Icon for your website and boost your branding:

  1. Log In to access the Sitebeat dashboard.
  2. Under My Sites, click the Edit Site option on the website or project card that you wish to manage.
  3. Click Settings from the left-side menu, then click General.
  4. Drag and drop your Browser Icon image into the Upload Image box under Favicon For Browsers.
    Or, click on the Upload Image box to browse through your computer and select the image.
  5. The image will automatically be saved in your Sitebeat project as your Browser Icon, but will only be applied once you Publish your site.

You’ve just added your Browser Icon.

IMPORTANT: The following are limitations as to the maximum and minimum required image size that you can use for your Browser Icon:

  • Maximum allowed image size is 1024x1024 pixels.
  • Minimum allowed image size is 16x16 pixels.

Hit the play button below to view the quick start guide we've prepared for you:

Or, check out more video guides by visiting our YouTube How-To Playlist.

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