How to Add a Map

Having a Map on your website helps your visitors easily locate your physical business address or shop if you have one.

The Map Feature in Sitebeat allows you to add a Map on your website and customise it to match your needs. Use the steps below to know how:

  1. Log In to access the Sitebeat dashboard.
  2. Under My Sites, click the Edit Site option on the website or project card that you wish to manage.
  3. Click Build from the left-side menu, then drag and drop the Map item onto an available placeholder on your website.
  4. Hover your mouse pointer over the Map Feature, then click the Edit button on its top-right corner.
  5. Set the following on the pop-up box:

    • Address - Enter the address to show in the Map.
    • Type - Select the type of Map design to use from the drop-down list.
    • Zoom - Click and drag to adjust the visibility of the address in your Map.

Congratulations! You’ve just added a Map on your website.

Other Actions:

  • To Move a Map, hover your mouse pointer over it and click the moving tool on its upper edge, then drag it onto a different placeholder on your page.
  • To Resize a Map vertically, hover your pointer over it and click the resizing tool at the bottom, then drag it up or down.
  • To Resize a Map horizontally, hover your pointer over its left or right edge and click the [↔] Arrow Icon that appears, then drag it sideways.
  • To Delete a Map, hover your pointer over it and click the [x] Delete Icon on its top-right corner.

Hit the play button below to view the quick start guide we've prepared for you:

Or, check out more video guides by visiting our YouTube channel How-To Playlist.

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