Managing Your Store
How to Set up Store Discounts
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Set up Volume Discounts & create Discount Coupons that you can offer to boost sales & reward loyal customers, using this guide.
How to Add Products to Your Store
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Learn how to add Products to show on your Online Store in Sitebeat, set the price, or add variants using this detailed guide.
How to Set up Basic Settings for Your Store
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First thing to do in setting up your Online Store is to configure your basic settings in Sitebeat. Follow this guide to know how.
How to Rename Your Store
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Learn how to rename your Store in Sitebeat with your business name, so it appears on your Online Store Notifications & Invoices.
How to Track Orders in Your Sitebeat Store
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View all customer Orders received and easily manage the Order fulfillment for your Store in Sitebeat using this detailed guide.
How to Set up Facebook Store Through Sitebeat
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Learn how to set up your Facebook Store through Sitebeat, to enjoy greater revenue and a wider market.
How to Set up Manual Payment Methods
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Learn how to add Manual Payment Methods for your Store in Sitebeat, to ensure that your customer has options to choose from.
How to Manage Your Products
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Learn how to manage the Products you have on your Online Store in Sitebeat. Keep them updated and organised using this easy guide.
How to Delete a Product Category
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Maintain a clutter-free Online Store in Sitebeat by removing unused or empty Categories using these quick instructions.
How to Add a Store to Your Website
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Adding a Store page and a Shopping Cart icon to your Sitebeat website can be done in just a few clicks. Learn how with this guide.
How to Change Your Store's Email Logo
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Adding an Email Logo to your Store's email notifications is good for your branding. Learn how to add one using this guide.
How to Remove Products from a Category
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You can easily remove Products from a Category to reorganise them according to how you want them to appear on your actual website.
How to Use the Product Feature
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Display and feature a Product on your website page using the Product Feature. Learn how to add & customise it using this guide.
How to Set up Store Notifications
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Set up your Store's Notifications in Sitebeat to specify the Reply-To and From email addresses, as well as set an email logo.
How to Use the Catalog Feature
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Display a selection of Products to feature on any website page using the Catalog Feature. Use this guide to know how.
Managing Your Store