How to Optimise Your Website with Sitebeat

Sitebeat is a template-based website builder that lets you create your website — for personal use or business purposes. With Sitebeat, you have the freedom to create and publish your website depending on your needs.

To maximise your online presence, Sitebeat offers built-in features that can help in optimising your website’s traffic and increasing your website’s performance.

One of the main factors that can help boost your site’s visibility is through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO is the process of improving your site’s ranking so that search engines display your website on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) when people search for topics or keywords related to your website. Significantly, it allows your website to gain visibility and increase traffic. This can be achieved when SEO is used efficiently through quality online content.

It is necessary to know the tools and measures needed when enhancing your website’s performance. Learn more about the applicable action plans below:

Improve SEO for Your Website

Boosting the SEO quality of your website makes it be more available to the public. SEO maximises your site’s exposure and is more likely to be on top results when people search for related keywords.

There are two tools included within your Sitebeat dashboard that you can activate to boost SEO for your website. The first tool is Google Analytics which collects and analyses data for your web traffic and user interaction. Next is the Google Tag Manager which allows you to manage and deploy marketing tags on your website or app in one place. To use this, it is also necessary that you verify your website to have access to its Google Search Data.

When people search a specific keyword, it would be ideal for your website to show up in SERPs. Read more on the factors that can affect search engine rankings for your brand’s exposure.

One must also know how to do keyword research to ensure that the brand gets a more visible presence on the internet.

Add Page Meta Title and Meta Description

When you start using Sitebeat, you must create a Page Meta Title and Meta Description for your website. These are the elements people see first in the SERP, displayed alongside your website link.

These elements provide brief information to search engines and site visitors on what your website is all about. When you add a Page Meta Title and Meta Description to your website, you provide relevant content for your website and therefore can help improve the SEO rankings of your site pages.

Blog with Sitebeat

For an efficient user experience, the Sitebeat Blog publishing tool enables you to create and edit then tag and categorise posts. It also has a comment box feature for your readers and social media sharing buttons, which allows you to share blog posts to different social media platforms, and so much more.

With its simple and user-friendly interface, Sitebeat Blog makes it easy for you to connect with your followers and expand your audience. Using this feature can surely maximise your content creation needs.

Sitebeat gives you the freedom to customise your website and manage your blog with simple, easy steps. You can view, edit, publish or unpublish, or delete posts anytime.

Follow this link to get started with Sitebeat Blog.

You’ve just learned how to boost the SEO for your website, add page meta title and meta description, and how to blog with Sitebeat. Now, no one can stop you from creating your website with Sitebeat! Get started by using the Sitebeat Supreme Guide.

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